Kindness infuses every action and activity at Centner Academy, from driving our curriculum to inspiring the actions of students, teachers and administrators alike. How we treat one another matters, from the playground to the board room. Kind interactions are expected to be part of daily life at Centner Academy.


We are a community that both teaches and practices deep, heartfelt compassion. We listen, we withhold judgment, we empathize, and we try to understand our students and their unique lives. Above all, we try to help them in every way possible. A major part of empathy and compassion is the acceptance of others. In an increasingly diverse world, it’s critical to treat one another with equal respect regardless of age, religion, ethnicity, and socio-economic background. Recognizing our common humanity unites us in our shared aspiration for happiness and desire to avoid suffering.


To us, excellence comes from both within and without. We expect our students to embrace their potential in many different ways, but more importantly, we teach them to appreciate the self-respect that comes from self-directed excellence. This matures and cultivates a young child’s brain.


Adversity, conflict, and hardship are unavoidable facts of life. We believe in teaching children not only the realities of life from an early age, but more importantly, the value of perseverance, which will carry them through difficulties. Knowing how to persist, to push through, resolve, and manage in the face of adversity is a critical Centner Academy value.


We teach respect in all its forms. From self-respect to respect for animals, the environment, and one another – physically, emotionally, and intellectually. We acknowledge diverse beliefs and perspectives that contribute to our understanding of complex realities. We also teach kids to maturely engage teachers and adults in a way that builds trust and confidence.